My Aussie Author Awareness Program!

19th October 2014
My Journal

I’m starting the FaceBook Friday Feature.  Every Friday, I’m going to feature a different Australian Author.


Because we’re not supporting our Australian authors.  People aren’t reading enough stuff by Aussie writers and I’m tempted to suggest it’s because we don’t know who they are.

I mean, if I ask you to name five Aussie actors you could do it, right?  Five Aussie actresses?  Footy players? Bands? TV personalities?  You could probably name five Aussie politicians if I made you.

But what about if I asked you to name five Australian authors?

Five award winning Aussie authors?

Five Aussie picture book authors? Illustrators? Young Adult fiction writers? Poets?

Five female Australian authors?

Each week on my FaceBook page, I’m going to give a shout out to an Aussie Author.  It’d be great if you could check out their website or like their FaceBook page or follow them on Twitter.

And the next time you’re buying a book – look for an Aussie author.  Support the homegrown talent.  Put a bit of Vegemite on their bread.  And recommend the book to someone else.






5 responses to “My Aussie Author Awareness Program!”

  1. Great idea! I’ve discovered some wonderful Aussie authors this year but I need to discover more. Looking forward to reading about a new author each Friday.

    • gjstroud says:

      Thanks Fiona, do you ever worry that you’ll die before you read everything you were meant to read? This is a genuine worry for me!

  2. Ashlee Vogele says:

    What is your facebook page?

  3. me55 says:

    One of my favourite Australian authors is Liz Byrski- love her books!

  4. me55 says:

    One of my favourite Australian authors is Liz Byrski- love her books!

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