Teacher 101


Yup! I did.  Clearly this program isn’t for everyone.  I get it. (Of course you can pay in weekly instalments and you can write it off on your tax.) Let’s set aside the cost for a moment… right now I want to talk to YOU!

How ya going, “newbie”? Welcome to teaching!  It’s a whole lot different to the brochure, isn’t it?

Let me guess – you feel like you’re failing even though you’re trying your guts out?

A little disillusioned and wondering what all that study was for since you don’t even feel qualified for playground duty – let alone delivering lessons in the classroom?

Are you a few years into this teaching gig and already on the cusp of burnout?

Do you just need some help?

I know I can support you, no matter what you’re struggling with.

Let me tell you more…

Teacher 101 with Gabbie Stroud is a boutique mentoring program where you and I work together to navigate the challenges and hurdles of early career teaching as well as dealing with the specific issues you’re facing in your unique context right now.  This is all the practical help you’re looking for and all the emotional support you’re longing for from a qualified and experienced teacher.

You know what?

It’s probably easiest to tell you everything that this course isn’t – because I’m confident it’s not like anything you’ve come across before.

It’s NOT accredited by any state education department or ACARA – this is something way more individual, unique, private and personal.

It’s NOT another “teacher website” chock full of PDFs and resources and programs.

It’s NOT a generic course that has been set to forget and you work through it.

It’s NOT a program that adds to your work load and already hectic teaching day.

It’s NOT a useless time drain that increases stress and sucks your will to live.

This program – Teacher 101 with Gabbie Stroud – is about me helping you in real life and in real ways.  

I remember those first few years of teaching… I was working so hard trying to figure everything out all on my own and the worst thing was I felt as though I was failing at this wonderful job that meant so much to me.  I drove to work feeling sick with anxiety and I drove home bawling my eyes out with a sense of doom hanging over me.  I couldn’t figure out how I’d ever get this teaching-thing to work for me and all I could see ahead of me was a lifetime of work interspersed with aggressive kids, angsty parents and endless, endless marking.

My future as a teacher felt grim – but what else was I meant to do?  And where could I go for help?

I don’t believe Early Career Teachers should feel like that – you should feel supported and empowered, you need to feel like you’re getting better at your teaching every day and you need to feel your confidence growing.


And I want to help you do that!

Okay – so now for the practical details.

Program commences: Sunday 30th August 2020

Program finishes: Sunday 11th October 2020

Eyes and ears on me – listen up – membership will be exclusive… six members maximum (so raise your hand quick if you want in!)


* Weekly individual one hour phone call/ video chat with me – this is time for you to debrief, ask questions, troubleshoot, cry, whinge… whatever. It’s our time together.

* Weekly individual email – this follows up from our phone call/ video chat.  I’ll bundle up all the support, resources, solutions, advice and help I can offer you that relates to the issues specific to YOU in your context.

* A short weekly video message that identifies the theme/ topic/ issue we’ll be considering for that week.  This will go out to all members of our little group. I’ll be giving you some techniques, tips and tasks… but there’s no mandatory assignment… (how good is that?)

* A weekly one hour ‘small group’ sesh – this will be a video chat workshop session where I work with all of you together on the theme/ topic/ issue for the week.  I imagine that this ‘small group sesh’ will be time where you get to know the other teachers I’m working with and we can share resources and ideas, get to know one another, tell our horror stories and our triumphs, create friendships and develop our professional network.

* A daily text message check in from me (yup – daily – because You Matter!)

* Closed Facebook group that’s just for our small group! This will become whatever we want it to be!

* Free attendance to any webinars I host during the mentoring period (and access to the archives!)

* A follow up phone call/ video chat scheduled after the course (late October/ early November) to check in on how you’re going.

There are more super-cool and lovely things (not steak knives)…. but I don’t want to ruin the magic!


Week 1 – You Matter

Week 2 – The Work-Life Imbalance

Week 3 – Tricky students

Week 4 – Tricky parents

Week 5 – Tricky colleagues

Week 6 – The Game Plan

I know two grand seems like a lot – but I also know what I can offer you. If you’ve ‘followed’ me here, you’ll know that I’m Gabbie Stroud and I don’t tolerate BS.  It’s two grand because it’s worth it, you’re worth it and this career that you’re so passionate about is worth it too.

I receive so many messages from new teachers telling me that my books have taught them so much about teaching… why not go beyond the books and learn from me directly?!

I want to help new teachers establish themselves as teachers who can endure, as teachers who know when to seek support and as teachers who know where to find the help that serves them.

I genuinely want what’s best for teachers.

I’ve had years of classroom experience and have a Bachelor of Education as well as a Masters.  I’m a published author in the field of education and I’m recognised nationally as an advocate for teachers. More than this, I know what it is to BE A TEACHER!  I know what it’s like to be hosing vomit off concrete while settling a dispute over a soccer game, simultaneously trying to recall if you packed that special resource you need for the lesson after lunch – all whilst holding in a bladder of urine that should’ve been expended hours ago.

I am a teacher. And I look forward to working with you.


PS If you’d love to work with me but this program isn’t within your reach right now, don’t panic! I’ve got other options and more good things coming soon.  Keep following me on the socials to find out more.


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Teacher 101

Mentoring with Gabbie Stroud

$2,000.00 (GST Incl.)