The Path Of Least Resistance

10th August 2016

Now that I have children I can understand why parents have been telling me; “It’s just easier this way.” For years, almost apologetically, I have…

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Reflecting On Learning

14th July 2016

I recently watched the ABC four part series Revolution School.  If you get a chance you should catch it on iView.  One of the things…

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Clear As Mud

23rd June 2016

Ah yes, school reports – teachers slave over them and parents spend hours trying to decipher them! Things have changed since we went to school….

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Too Bad So Sad

31st May 2016

  Do your kids ever drive you crazy? You know those times when they’re whinging at you about something so trivial? You just feel like…

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Teach Me To Talk

4th April 2016

3:30pm is a wonderful time for teachers! But it can also be heart breaking. I used to feel so disappointed when I heard parents ask;…

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Age Appropriate Questions

28th March 2016

Do you want a smack? Didn’t I say stop doing that? Will you be quiet? What’s that smell?   They’re rhetorical questions. We don’t really…

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My School

14th March 2016

This week, from the Teacher’s Desk I thought I’d share with you a piece I wrote for my local paper 8 years ago.   Politics is…

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More on consequences

7th March 2016

This week I wanted to say just one more thing about consequences.  And that one thing is this: Follow through. You gotta, gotta, gotta follow through…

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After the Power Lecture

29th February 2016

Did you have a go at the Power Lecture this week? How did it work for you? I used it with good results at a…

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